Group Etiquette For DNA & Genealogy ~ Wash Your Mouth Out With Soap

This is a social media group not a locker room. Everybody on social media knows the drill for every kind of group, but this note is not about the ordinary = pay attention to group specifics and stay on topic. This note is about people being rude and/or malicious – intentionally or unintentionally.

99% of the time – the people and the groups for DNA for genealogy or DNA for anything  are a diversified bunch and are all welcoming for all peoples – in every way.

Haplogroups, and terminal SNPs relieve the individual of any burdens of race or color and creed or religion and most if not many of the groups rarely see in-fighting between members over nationalistic issues. (Although once I did read two guys from Central Asia/Asia hurl insults at each other that made Alabama rhetoric look like a ladies tea party. But as I say, ‘once…’ and it was checked quickly).

But by and large groups members who join DNA groups, find a group of people who are welcoming to everybody. Leave your bias at the door because the groups’ members are from everywhere.

Potty mouth people who bring up intimacies between men and women are being rude. Conspiracy theorists discussing aliens have a better chance of finding help with research.  If a person really wants help try not insulting every mother and grandmother and father and grandfather and so on in the group.

It is understandable that folks new to any DNA testing or genealogy will have the standard misinformation and encountered wild theories from religion to race. But it is hard for group members to know if new people are being serious – does this person really believe that a 10,000 year old SNP (gene) is associated with a 2,000 year old clan? Or does this person really want serious research? Or is this person just having us on?

Most of the serious researchers would suggest – you should really read any groups’ previous posts to see what the group is about. See if your questions have already been answered. Learn from posts and answers what is and is not acceptable. Most groups have a search feature on the left side of the page. Use the search to find your topic, or haplogroup. (When you join any group – click on the group name to see their main page and at the top and top right your should see group rules and on the left you will likely find a search slot – enter your topics and see if anyone has already talked about your concerns.)

Many of the DNA for genealogy groups have members from almost every country, religion, creed race, and color, – many have learned through DNA for genealogy all peoples, are one people, to some degree, and they welcome all diversity.

India December 1985 – January 1986 A diversified group worked together.

For au-DNA I suggest people who are relying on their admixture results for absolutes – to read my admixture comparison. All the results in this note are me and they all vary quite a bit – so one can judge for themselves how accurate they are. But for the current best admixture with most info Insitome wins. There is NO matching this is not the standard testing like you have seen on TV. You will see part of their info here also.

I do say to also use my favorite company first because they test many genealogy SNPs genes and have wonderful DNA for genealogy tools. – see my DNA project below.

For y-DNA basics – I need to add back the 2017 blogs – of just get somethings else added.

In-between these might help (I promise – I will get all the 101 blogs added back)

My favorite links

Admixture – Insitome wins for testing

But if you also test where you can download your DNA raw data then you can enjoy the great

y-DNA – Family Tree DNA

The ftDNA DNA Project for our group

Haplogroup info – my two favs

and I am also my own favorite

and some basic helps and hints for free searching on the internet for genealogy




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