The Online Foundation of Searching ~ there are many free genealogy websites – [right now anyway (a couple do have things to buy)]

Do not forget – you need computer security at the highest level for online searching, licking strange links and countless sites have cookies and you need to stay safe for enjoying the process of finding ancestors.

Everything you search is seen leaving a trail – I add the Gedmatch eye to remind online genealogy has eyes. Many sites are more public than others but always live as if it is all public

Copy of cherie eye color gedmatch prediction


(DNA sites below)

Check back often – I am adding weblinks on this one page as I verify the links on the website websites again

Make a ‘sign in’ everywhere you are allowed, some sites have bookmarks to easily group your finds. Use the free signins on even the pay sites and get on the mailing lists to be notified of free days.

First love, the first I knew about, with their trees with indepth notes and stories of documentation, the mailing lists with people whose special interest is what you are looking for, and maintain email questions, and answers, and also the amazing message boards, posting questions to specific categories and like the lists – by locations by professions by topic and other categories and I should check if they have active DNA sections – in the last years Facebook took over the universe and Rootsweb has fallen somewhat into obscurity.

But what you will find is being able to get to a category of research, like a location and ask it to show you all the posts with your surname or your two surnames or some events. And from about 1999 us old genealogy hounds were adding our stories about ancestors and their friends – it is a gold mine. (You can use quotations for phrase searching, keep it simple)

Rootsweb Message Boards

Rootsweb Mailing Lists

Rootsweb Family Trees

Find A Grave

Billions of records online and all for free –



National Genealogical Society

Welcome to NGS’s Free Genealogy Resources

Google Google Google

And search from a Google page and make sure you do not have a browser that flips you to another search engine. Using quotations to make a phrase in searching ads another way to get specific results

“john doe” “jane smith” +Poughkeepsie gives specific results

on the other hand if you search

john doe jane smith Poughkeepsie

You might get John Poughkeepsie from Smith (michigan) watching a doe named Jane

United Kingdom

Northern Ireland (has purchase)

Ulster and beyond (has pay section, careful)



Search for keywords as genealogy and family history with your names and places

You know you are from…. if…

Random acts of kindness groups


Our DNA project on Family Tree DNA


many sites







4 thoughts on “The Online Foundation of Searching ~ there are many free genealogy websites – [right now anyway (a couple do have things to buy)]

    • They are all like old friends and such wonderful information in the message boards and mailing lists also. The wonderful thing about the trees on rootsweb is being able to find the original notes and documentation on some trees. And it was easy to see this one has no documentation named, but could lead to finding the amazing, really wonderful stories contained on countless people. I am so glad they are working to keep them.

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