Jacob Money aka Mooney, Monnett, Monies, Mony & his wife Miss DeBorde ~ of Person & Surry Counties, North Carolina; y-DNA Haplogroup R-A520 downstream R-BY3549

Money, Mooney, Monie, Mony, Monet, Monnet. Monett, Monnett, Mauney, Mani, Mouney, Moon, O’Money, O’Mooney and from South Carolina and parts unknown there is DeMoney and Moneyham aka Mooneyham – and all these names crossed the Carolinas while at the same time we are searching for our Jacob.

Here son William’s surname is MOONEY – marriage to Edy Cooper and this is just one of the many times that family experienced anomalies in the spelling of the family surname.

Copy of Copy of Copy of 42091_342556-00545 (1)

There is no reason to assume any of the names are more right then any other. Jacob Money the 1st’s son William Money – William Mooney certainly has this spelling with two oos in this marriage record to Edy Cooper in Person County he seems to have frilled names in a way no other had used the names in any surviving records. Jacob’s son Joseph definitely took and kept, or kept, or reclaimed the surname Mooney – and his descendants keep the spelling Mooney to this day.

My research for this page is… Jacob Money of Person and Surry Counties. The DNA study is magnificent – and we have direct male line Money descendants from from Jacob’s sons and a daughter and we have the continuity of the y-DNA to Jacob Money born about 1750?

Jacob Money’s children were born (beginning in the 1770s) in North Carolina, maybe around Hillsborough as a seat of interest, and at the time records are found he is in Person County which had been formed from Caswell County which had been formed from Orange County, North Carolina.

There are three still-untested (no y-DNA yet) families of similar surnames — two in the 1750s in Orange County, North Carolina and one from Southern Maryland. I will speak more below about the y-DNA study. There are four other Money, Mooney, Mony families in the Carolinas and all with different y-DNA from our Jacob Money descendants. There are two others from Maryland one in Cecil County and one also untested from the Eastern Shore, Three from Pennsylvania and one from New Jersey and another from Staten Island, New York.

The first family from 1750s Orange County, North Carolina is Jacob Moneyham aka Mooneyham – if there is a male line descendant left walking of the name Moneyham I never found him. We do want to find one and test to compare. I am in touch with a lady who is a descendant and she does have autosomal DNA tested. Although there is a distant match between her and with two of our Money surname men, it is inconclusive without y-DNA which can be exact for hundreds to thousands of years. But we hope a male Moneyham or Mooneyham will turn up. More about Jacob Moneyham later, he is listed in the 1790 census as a head of house in North Carolina.


moneyham james
This is very hard to read from scans to public trees ancestryDOT. I am working on more on Shadrach, William, James and Jacob Mooneyham

Then there is the second family of Joseph O’Mooney. He descends from the Pennsylvania Quakers of the family of Neil O’Mooney, and the O’Mooney family moving from Ireland to Pennsylvania is quite well documented. Joseph O’Mooney turns up at the right time and right place in the Carolinas for there to be a possible connection with our Jacob Money.

Our Jacob Money left his mark in a document and so we do not know for certain how he might have wanted his name spelled. His children all use the name Money with the exception of his youngest Joseph who used the name Mooney.

money joseph 1755 orange county North Carolina Taxpayers
Here from 1755 we see Joseph Money aka Joseph Mooney aka Joseph O’Mooney in Orange and in Granville County there are John and Robert Money.

We have a lady who is a Joseph Mooney descendant and we have matching but distant au-DNA from her.

From the research of others in hints and snippets I see the family of Joseph O’Mooney the elder and several adult children, sons and daughters, left for north Georgia in the 1770s or 1780s and the family is quite large from what I might gather from trees online. I have been in touch with one man but he has not been interested in adding y-DNA at this point so I will begin to check with some other branches of the family.

But with the numerous males of the surname Mooney who have already tested and are part of the DNA projects  and with no matches to our family, I might believe we already have our answer that the two families are not related, but none of the participants have research to show who they are on paper. So we still hope a better documented descendant of Joseph O’Mooney to test.

Neal O’Mooney (Mooney) came from Ballymacree, County Antrim, Ireland. In the 1730’s he requested certificate of removal to Pennsylvania for himself and wife, Ann, and four children.


The Isaac Monnett family of Calvert County, Maryland

The third family has had one male to test who is of the line of Monnette who moved away from Maryland. He does not match any family in the country, or elsewhere, in any y-DNA surname project for Moon Mooney or Money or Monnett or Monnette so with only one family member we cannot be certain of identifying this family of Monnett from Calvert County, Maryland. We hope another Monnett descendant of the y-DNA line will be interested.


Name: Isaac Monnet
Gender: Male
Birth Place: France
Birth Year: 1670
Spouse Name: Elizabeth Williams

Birth Place:

Spouse Birth Year: 1674


Marriage State: Maryland
Number Pages: 1

Isaac Monnet married Elizabeth Williams 1699.

Are any of these people related to our Jacob Money or Monnett or Mony or Mooney?

We know from the research already mentioned that Jacob’s sons all used Money and one used Mooney for life and another used Mooney some of the time,

Jacob was recorded as Money Mony Monet and Monnett

In 1799 son William Money born about 1770 in North Carolina (we have a male descendant from William who has tested y-DNA and he matches all the family group) married Edy Eda Eady Cooper. The clerk clearly would have known they were father and son and in spelling their surnames differently, I am inclined to believe we have a clue to how Jacob originally would have spelled the name – Monnett and how William spelled his Mooney at one time also.

Copy of money cooper marriage 1799 mark of Monnett jacob

Jacob Monnett’s mark in 1799 you can see the clerk distinguished father from son with an old spelling and a new spelling.

The last??? records where we believe Jacob Money is seen are from 1811 and 1812, both in Surry County on tax records.

Copy of money 1812 surry co nc
Jacob paying taxes for son David 1812 in our near Deep Creek

yadkin river valley
The waterways of the Carolinas give us the homes of our ancestors. We need a map also for his earliest locations in Person County (Caswell… Orange…).

Jacob also had sons Isaac and Morgan and we have male Money descendants of each of these men as well as William mentioned before and all these descendants match in the father line y-DNA. This test the genetic signature remains the same in men almost unchanged for many hundreds to finally thousands of years.

Copy of Copy 2 of jake y haplo matches
This is the terminal SNP for our line of Money Monnett and so on – these are long deceased ancestors and we see unknown ancestry Americans, Southern Ireland and the Shetland Islands. These MATCHES above of these other men will be a common ancestor who lived before there were surnames and in a time span of about 2,000 years before present.

It is sad to have to insist to also write about the men who Jacob Money is not, before I can fully speak about all the wonderful things we know about who our Jacob Money is.

But in no way is our Jacob related to John Money of Cecil County, Maryland.

The Last Will and testament in 1795 of John Money of Cecil County, Maryland was probated in 1795 and named his wife Ann Nee Comgeys also found Cornegys and his children in 1795 in Cecil County, Maryland. The DNA of both families male descendants has been tested and does not match. John Money died in 1795 with his family in Maryland while Jacob was still alive in Person and soon after Surry County, North Carolina.

John Money born 1743 Cecil County, Maryland, died in 1795 in Cecil County, Maryland – his Last Will names his wife Ann and all the children. He would have been buried in St Stephen’s. He has family of his immediate household who were all buried at St Stephen’s before he died and after. He belief practice would have had him choose the consecrated ground for burial otherwise his home’s yard – but one of the two since he was sick at home when he wrote the Will.

Many references to the Money family of Cecil County, Maryland to today. Many descendants live up and down the line between the two states of Maryland and Delaware and some across the country they have a distinct y-DNA haplogroup of their own and they do not match that of any other Money Mooney Moneyham Monnett Moon. They are their own family.

More over we have y-DNA of the Carolina family males and also the Maryland family males and they are not related. Enough of accepting the wrong ancestors for the wrong people – stay true to the word and honor your father and mother with the truth of real ancestors and not claimed ancestors because it is easy.

Also the y-dna of the Maryland Money males from Cecil County do not match the y-DNA of any of the French Monnette families either so Robert Money of Cecil County, the grandfather of John Money Jr, was not a Monnette nor from France, and not the family from France who was for a time in England.

Robert Money of Cecil County, Maryland (based on matching y-DNA), is exactly who Henry Peden of Maryland Archives said he was, – Robert  was a man ‘transported’ as Robert Money from England. He was readily accepted into the local Episcopalian church, St Stephen’s, and married well. We still hope for a y-DNA participant of the Money family of England whose later descendants included the Sir James Money of the British Army fame during the War of the American Revolution. But again enough of the wrong families attached to the wrong people – there is so much paper documentation and now there is conclusive triangulated y-DNA and au-DNA – to eliminate all but three families that our Jacob Money might have been related to.

Look for more Money Mooney Monet Moon Monnett and Monnette blogs soon with all tested and untested families research shared.

In South Carolina is John DeMoney

pp. 31, 42; Bethel Assoc. Min., 1791; Bush River CE,1792; List of Bush River members in 1792-1804 (spelling as in churchbook):

John Demoney, Nancy Demoney,

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  1. My name is Nell Elane (Mooney) Gutierrez. I’m a direct descendant of my father, Cecil Leon Mooney — Hugh Alfred Mooney — Silas Mote Mooney — Allen Silas Mooney — Joseph E. Mooney — John Mooney — Joseph Mooney, Sr. — Neal O’Mooney

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    • Hello Nell, Do tell me you have DNA tested 🙂 You must join our Money etc One-Name group it is on Facebook but we are a bit behind in research of late. And you are welcome to also join the DNA project if you like. This group is every Money Mooney Mani Mauney family found in the world so far. We have almost 2 dozen family in that and then i also work with the Moon Mooney DNA project. I do know one Mooney but he has not been interested in testing y-DNA 😦 The FB group – but I won’t be on their to approve new members until tomorrow – but do join us and the DNA project also 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/groups/1460346944255154/

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