Our ftDNA ~ Privacy, Settings, Questions and Answers

I will update as the pages change, as soon as I can, if I can.

November 29th 2018

I have my settings so that I can enjoy my matches and participate in my projects. These settings have me sharing with my matches for genealogy. These show the pages from my Family Tree DNA dashboard opening page and with the first – see the top right to begin. On the next page the 2nd page see the tabs across the top and then the screen captures I have added here show all the places you need to adjust your settings. Check on every page for any SAVE buttons – in orange and click SAVE.

Copy of ftdna privacy blog 1


Copy of ftdna privacy blog 2

Copy of ftdna privacy blog 2a

Copy of ftdna privacy blog 3a

Copy of ftdna privacy blog 3b

Copy of ftdna privacy blog 3c

Copy of ftdna privacy blog 4

Copy of ftdna privacy blog 4a

Copy of ftdna privacy blog 5


I suggest you scan through the previous version as the ideas have not changed about making your settings so you can enjoy your results completely.



UPDATE coming soon – they have changed some of the pages configuration on the site as of Oct 2018 – BUT this will tell you what you are looking for on the new pages!

I am sharing my letter for our DNA projects on my blog because many people are asking what to think, and then what to do about it. Here are some ideas.


Hello I am Cherie, one of your DNA for genealogy project administrators

Many changes have taken place and I am supporting the new guidelines for information. Your DNA results are not affected in any way.

This is a good time to review all your settings and information. From your ancestry and genealogy information, to privacy, to notifications, to sharing, and project participation there are many enhancements in available settings and many we have always had and should review.

To see your settings and read more – sign into your results pages and look for your name at the top right of your ftDNA main Dashboard page. Run your cursor over your name and in the pop-up window see – Privacy and Sharing –

Copy of privacy page 0

Here – In these settings you will also find setting options for all your tests and results –  matching, origins, family tree, project participation, and if you have mt-DNA testing, coding region.

privacy page 1

You will see I have set myself at: ‘matching’ at ‘All Levels’ (for all three tests if all taken); I have ‘opted in’ for ‘Origins’; for ‘Family Tree’ sharing I am setting to ‘My Matches’; Projects profile I am ‘opting in’; and for the ‘coding region’ this is for mt-DNA and I am ‘opting in’. And don’t forget to ‘save’. These and all settings can easily be changed at anytime you wish.


Next you can click the tab at the top to – Project Preferences –

privacy page 2

– and then one by one – Edit – each one as you wish to participate. Most settings will now be set at a level which removes most participation. I am setting most to ‘Limited Access”.

privacy page 2a

Notifications has some great changes – clicking the tab at the top – Email Notifications – at the top you can decide which matches you would like to be notified about. For instance: You will be able to remove notifications for 12 markers matches and still receive the higher numbers matches. But I caution, everyone should regularly check their 12 marker matches because sometimes people might have only tested 12 and you might miss the possibility of research for a new match that is important, who just needs to add a few more markers.

privacy page 3 notifications 3

Check your genealogy page from the tab at the top and make sure it has all the information updated.

privacy page 4 genealogy 4

While updating I am also making sure I have ‘Surnames’ listed of my immediate first 4 to 5 generations of ancestral surnames added to my surname list. I believe less is more for this feature. And certainly check you account information.

privacy page 5

I am also making sure my family tree on ftDNA is up-to-date for my au-DNA – this is included in your testing with Family Tree DNA for au-DNA and if you have near relatives who have also tested, your and their results can be linked and both of you can benefit by having your matches highlighted as being paternal or maternal relatives for some of your matches, if the initial relative is near enough this is a wonderful feature, making sure your tree is shared with ‘my matches’.

I have invited relatives to test and we all benefit from ‘matching in common’.

privacy page 6 matching

A few steps to take and we will all implement these new guidelines and still all continue to benefit from our DNA for genealogy results and research.


I am always open to suggestions and happy to make corrections. – Please forgive the countless typos.

Info Links:

Facebook privacy


GDPR General Data Protection Regulation


more.. the GEDMATCH story coming…



4 thoughts on “Our ftDNA ~ Privacy, Settings, Questions and Answers

  1. I always had my settings set so my family information is available to everyone that can use it. I have been a member since the 1980’s and have never got a hit on my info which is G1a but seems to be a little rare. I went to a lot of trouble/work to gather this info and would like this info be shared with any one who could use it. My data is from middle Wales and reaches back to 1600. I’m now 80 years old and want to see this info be useful to some one.

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    • Hi Richard, depending on which projects you are in, many of the settings will have reset with the computer changes. I agrees with you about wanting my DNA and my research to remain shared for posterity. My husband is a G2a and also from Wales, you are welcome to join our small project if you like, we have several Welsh family here. We are listed in projects under DUAL y-DNA and mt-DNA geographic projects – under the letter F for French Broad River Families – if you like. So be sure to check all your settings again and note there is a section in account info for a beneficiary named and I added for mine for posterity.


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