Two Mary Janes ~ John Kidd Sr and his two wives, Mary Jane Hutton and Mary Jane Walker

A classic mistake of not getting every vital record available and not pressing on for a second source for identifying a person. John Kidd married two women named Mary Jane – it was easy to confuse them. This was a hard lesson and to this day there are trees that have my mistake no matter how hard I have tried to correct my error. (I am still trying to recover all of 2017 notes, fingers happily crossed).

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I, we (my cousins and I), had done everything right (almost). Begin by getting the death certificate of a person and add their marriage and birth certificate and everything in between. From those records get the BMDs (birth, marriage and death certificates – really vital records for genealogy) for the parents, then the grandparents. But by the 3rd great grandparents let a couple of records slide.

John Kidd’s birth cert above is my 2nd great grandfather and names his parents. John Kidd Sr and his wife Mary Jane formerly Hutton. What could be simpler. I ordered this from the GRO (see links) Pawnbroker, 72 London-road, Liverpool. Plus 1851 UK census Mill Street, Toxteth Park, and 1861 census Upper Stanhope Street, Toxteth Park,

Then I got a subscription to The British Newspaper Archive and right off I find the expected death notice for Mary Jane but the information was a jaw…

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