John Money 1743 – 1795 of Cecil County, Maryland

A great researcher J. said recently, something to the effect of, ‘so much time is spent and wasted on the ancestors someone wants to have – researching to try to prove the wrong people” I forget the exact quote – I must ask her if I can quote and name her.

She is so right, I am just tired of trying to research to the bone only to have the person’s relatives claim a fib rather that celebrate the joys and wonders of their real family line. I have my ancestors and my families – documented – no fakes – ‘honor thy father and thy mother so that…” The real ones with both traditional genealogy and DNA for genealogy.

I have near relatives who are Money males, they descend from Jacob Money of Orange/Caswell/Person County and Surry County, North Carolina. One might think that I would write Jacob’s profile first but falsified trees have led to him being merged with John Money of Maryland and so the tangled web is set – I have to untangle them first – I have to devote time, energy and money into Cecil County. My husband well remembers our trip – a lot of money to disprove a claim.

Instead of being able to spend the last five plus years looking for and spending money on testing of who the family might be from the old world, we spend loads of money for testing for 2 different Maryland Money families and a couple of Mooney families to prove or disprove – eliminate – another of the fake trees that cropped up – this is shameful – ancestors are people – name collecting and dabbling is disgraceful.

I wrote to the guy that put of the first fake tree where he merged two men and made John Jacob Money or Jacob John Money. He had the gall to say – I have no proof but no one can prove it is not. He has not been invited to my tree or DNA project – and he is not even a male Money – what does he care? He is a Money on his mother’s side – and he doesn’t even match any of the folks in DNA that I see. And since then all of us have bit. I danced the dance to prove it wrong. What a way to spend quality genealogy time, particularly as those years have also been spent getting through a bout with Cancer. I am free right this minute, I have no clue and do not think about the next 6-month check.

Falsified trees are the plague of online trees – every family has them, now they bring me to tears. I doubt there is one colonial patriarch that you could look up that will not have multiple spouses, multiple parents and multiple different children. From the PAFs, that I was duly warned about by a good friend LDS that are mistakes, to the gedcom downloading of Rootsweb, and later the linking on steroids of AncestryDOTcom’s trees, the online genealogy industry is a sham of fake ancestors – for some lines – many lines. Beware of trees that link you to…

People choose the ancestry that fits their liking and that is the end of that. People take vacations and memorialize someone elses ancestors when they need to find their own. And, get bloody mad if you suggest different. Not only are there often beautiful paper records of primary and secondary documents that identify ones ancestors correctly – but now there is also DNA evidence possible – written in genes – saliva from cheek swabs, and spit – that will prove without a doubt who is correct. But still the wrong people are linked on the wrong trees – all for the right reasons initially – but especially for the families that now have y-DNA and au-DNA to prove ancestral lines we all should consider being open minded.

I read but this ancestor is in my ancestor circle – but everyone of y’all have the wrong ancestors on the same lines. All of y’all are related but – the name of the DNA circle should be ….???? and not …???? The correct ancestors deserve their name to be on the DNA circle.

Jacob Money of Surry is not related to John Money of Cecil. And Isaac Monnett of Calvert County, Maryland are not related to either one. John Money of Bladen County, North Carolina is his own family also with several testers, and Jacob Money is not related to the Rutherford County, North Carolina Moneys and it appears that the Neal O’Mooney’s are not related to any of the others either. And to add Orra Eugene Monnette is not related to any of them not even the Monnett of Calvert and neither of then are related to any Frenchman in England.

There are roughly 2 dozen distinct Money families in America – if you add in the Mooney  there there are 4 dozen more and add the name Moon and there are many dozen more.

Do WHAT? How can you identify the genetics of men who have been dead 200 – 400, any hundred years. It is easy. This is exactly what this y-DNA stuff is all about.


Take any male ancestor – a patriarch – of any family line you have. Research all the sons lines to find male surname line descendants and find living males of every son of each patriarch. So for Jacob Money we have y-DNA of male Money surname descendants of several of the sons of Jacob Money – The sons, Morgan, William, and Isaac all have males descendants who tested and they all match each other in y-DNA – a total of 4 males with y-DNA plus we have multiple participants for comparing au-DNA to identify the families. The descendants today use the surnames Money and Mooney.

The Rutherford County, North Carolina and Pennsylvania family of Money males have over one dozen men who have tested and they all match each other. Their patriarch was Hans Jacob Mani and his male surname line descendants use the names Mani, Money, Mooney and Mauney to today. Their y-DNA although matching each other does not match any other patriarch family.

The two tested descendants of Money sons of John Money of Cecil County, Maryland have a distinct y-DNA line as well, they match each other – but are unrelated to these other Money Mooney families in America. Clearly and quite amazingly we can see the genetic proof and in just the first 12 markers (but we have 37, 67, and 111 markers now and several with terminal SNP. DNA docuemted.

1Copy of 01a Copy of cherie known dna haplogroups

This chart from my own family gives an example how using y-DNA of male descendants can be used to prove one’s ancestral lines and then also au-DNA of mine and theirs to prove we are related I can verify any ancestral male line of my own ancestors.

Cecil County Maryland Wills 1777-1810 
Briefly abstracted by John W. McCoy © 2010 ( 

John Money 1743 – 1795

State of Maryland Archives provided the Estate records, Last Will and Testament for John Money.

Start with the death records is what any researcher knows to do. So in fact those who wish to connect to this patriarch, also need to start again and follow from them self back.

John Money’s Will was recorded the 20th of February, 1795 and proved in Probate the 18th of March, 1795.

John was the husband of Ann Comegys (sp) who survived him and she is cared for in the Will.

John Money had children Ann Money Cooper, William Comegys Money, Abbathea Money Cosden, John Money the III Cornelius Money, Alphonse Money, and Jesse Money.

Witnesses to the Will were William Ward, James Morgan, Alexander Younger, and John’s son William Comegys Money was the executor.

John Money born 1743 in Cecil County, Maryland lived every day of his life in Maryland and he was laid to rest in Cecil County, Maryland sometime before he was probated 18th March 1795 and after 20th of February when John Money signed his name to his last Will. His birth date should be removed from other men. This has made the search engine of ancestryDOTcom merge these two men more and more. If the company ever writes some algorithm thingy to find and delete falsified trees – they will all disappear poof.

I am pleased for the Money family of Cecil County, Maryland they got my expertise and the Cherie Lynn ‘pull out the stops’ treatment for research which I would like to have 1st done for Jacob Money of Surry – but to this day – the trees of family members still have the fake merged men and the ancestors of someone else. People who I know and love. One who wished to change, once reading the new information but could not change it before leaving the tree with mistakes behind.

I went to Cecil County. I learned from the lady at the library that there was nothing. for any John Jacob – nothing for anyone who went to North Carolina. They also pointed out that they told Orra Eugene Monnette in 1908 the same thing that no Monnettes were related to Robert Money and family of Cecil County. – Another falsified tree. The society climbing Mr Monnette – made every family on the Eastern seaboard related to his family – he was hedging his bets – he wanted to belong to everything and so he implied a link to every family, from every family, so that which ever one it turned out to be – he would have a link to it. I researched also in Calvert County, Maryland and they also scoff at the fake connections with no foundations not only to any North Carolina family of a different name but also the other Maryland families descendants who claim that two men who are 50 years different in age were brothers.

I also learned in Cecil County another older couple came to visit as a pilgrimage to their Money roots. They should have gone to Deep Creek, North Carolina but instead took the family history trip of a lifetime to Cecil County – when they should have visited Person County and Yadkin County, North Carolina. Its a shame. They were disappointed there was no family information there.

John Money 1743 – 1795 family gets the red carpet, royal treatment.

This is most likely a good possibility of a place for John Money’s 1795 burial if he was not buried in the yard of the home. But they seem to have used consecrated ground for many of the burials for many years before this time so it is a toss up but my money is betting on the church yard. But to be safe, lay flowers in the church yard and also on the property where he died in Cecil County 1795 in Maryland as close as you might get in Earlville.


St Stephen’s Church, Cecil County, Maryland this is the same site with the church expanded over time, where Robert Money the 1st, married Margaret Dorrall in 1706 and later christened his son John. John Money and Rachel Ashby or Ashly married here in 1738, and in 1743 John Jr was christened here. He later married Ann Comegys here in Maryland for the 3rd generation. Certainly his funeral in 1795 was preached here. See below the churchyard graves and the pastor says the old grave stones are mostly gone but all the Moneys are there.



All are welcome to all documents for reading from me, the group or from the archives of the state of Maryland. I will add at the bottom all the documents again as large as I can make them.



I found some easier to read as negatives



A man who died and was buried in Cecil County, Maryland  in 1795 cannot be the man alive and paying taxes for himself and his son in 1811 in North Carolina or anything in-between.


Henry Peden archivist of Sate of Maryland writes about Robert Money extensively. There is not a shred of evidence connecting him to the United Kingdom in the United Kingdom. Henry Peden is famous – they don’t come any better as researchers and he took every Maryland first setters etc very seriously.

Robert Money transportee – – this is the man’s designation in his first record – 1695. There is not and never was anything ambiguous about the record and the archives think it was ridiculous that Orra Eugene Monnette exaggerated his story – making every Money Mooney Monnett Monnette Mani family in American related – he wanted them all.

Copy of money robert transport marriage

If anyone would wish to question the research of Henry Peden go ahead, I hold his work in the highest esteem.


Copy of money robert marry 1706

1706 Robert and Miss Margaret married

Copy of money st stephens earleville 62 of 418

Cecil County, Maryland index of the Money family records.

Just a few of the records photo copied in Cecil County Historical Society and all these records are also available on But don’t let that stop you from getting in touch with any and all local historical and genealogical societies. And always search and re-search for records for people – databases are updated all the time.

And of course use DNA for genealogy and you can know exactly which family is related to which – whether anyone will want the information or not is another matter.

But the fun feature on AncestryDNA of matching trees is only as good as the tree itself. Of course all you guys are related and if you all have the same mistake in your trees then you all will have the same mistake that will match. I also need to make my own tree linked to my DNA smaller with many less surnames, less generations. Find the real matches and see the real tree links with less not more.

Copy of 13435507_1134879643201489_5749002951991869047_n is the greatest thing since slicing bread, besides which is the bread. But you always must contact your families’ and peoples’ local historical societies and genealogical societies. There one often learns the cold hard truth – much of what is online are guesstimates and ‘oh it must bes’ and ‘I can feel its’, ‘this must be rights’.


In hind sight, ‘our real family’ would have been better served if I had gone to North Carolina to search for real ancestors. Instead I know Maryland Moneys – Calvert, Cecil, and Somerset like the back of my hand and we still have not found the ancestors of Jacob Money of Deep Creek, Yadkin County, North Carolina. I am out in left field.

The line from Robert Money that is MONEY – no other spelling according to the archivists of the state and counties – through John Money Sr who I call John Money of Earlville to John Money Jr 1743 – 1795 is impeccably documented. Both John Sr and later Jr and all their siblings and children have BMDs (many with St Stephen’s) and many secondary supporting records,

cecil pcover land patents of cecil county

From the index of the vital records and from those of land records from the beginning – the family and descendants of Robert Money through to John Money 1743 – 1795 are consistently in the records of the county and the surrounding counties. Descendants are alive and well and their DNA does not turn up as matches to these North Carolina claimants.

Multiple land records for John Money in Cecil County, Maryland – he had a life there – only there



Almost a dozen photos for the church and cemetery now on

Copy of cecil p54 Jesse Money Orphans sec 1800

In Cecil County, Maryland in 1800 Jesse Money, minor son, of John Money 1743 – 1795 with securities for him in the county court.

Local History continues for the Money family of Cecil County, Maryland to this day. Many of the family have expanded into the surrounding counties and the line between Delaware and Maryland is still as clouded as it might be in records for all these years.

Could Jacob Money have been John Money- there is NO way – none. Could Jacob Money be an illegitimate child of that Maryland family… I do not see any indications in au-DNA. There is in the y-DNA a couple of Pennington matches waaay back in time but they could be thousands of years back for all anyone knows – AT THIS POINT – or maybe several hundred. So much for conspiracy theories – one is as good as another. But the au-DNA matches of the Jacob descendants share a southern wing not seen in the au-DNA of the Maryland Moneys with more mid-atlantic matches.


Pennington surname in St Stephen’s



Copy of 13501631_1134877186535068_4034155039586904932_n

This is John Money and the family of John Money of Cecil County, Maryland whose identity was mistaken – lets all work to correct this in all the records and notes we have left online.


COMING – Jacob Money – will the real man please be honored.


In Orra Eugene Monnette’s next book after Monnette family in America, he apologized for his mistakes but does any one remember that? Nooo. And what is worse, before I realized that this book was utter hog wash, I also bought a hard copy myself – and ignoramus me got a 1st edition, clean copy – you have no idea how much money I paid for that stupid thing and I could not in good conscience give it away. And the sad thing is that money could have been spent on anything for my Money family from Yadkin County or Person. (CITE with ADD LINK)

For SALE one copy – The Monnette Family In America

I am also fairly certain that I know where there is another copy of Orra’s book – don’t I

(But for Jacob Money there are of course the magnificent records of a possible father/relative in Orange County, North Carolina – exactly where Jacob was living at the time -see Joseph Money, Orange County, North Carolina.

Spurious Pedigrees


The sad case of over zealous and under edited writing – Orra the new money society wanna be.


I have made my own mistakes and spend time and money to correct them – It is a labor of love and of honor to your real ancestors.

Family Project


1 1a 12096522_995916110431177_4150200509153508447_n

1 1a 12088446_995916573764464_1089949234396776964_n


2 thoughts on “John Money 1743 – 1795 of Cecil County, Maryland

    • Marty, It has meant a lot to me and having someone appreciate it brings tears to my eyes. When I was expecting my Jake, I asked his great aunt, “Who was the first Money?” and she said, “the earliest we know is Jacob.” I said, “Jacob it is.” So I had to make sure we honor the real Jacob, our Jacob. So Marty, Thank you!


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