Princess or Prince, Royal Or Native either one will do ~ Viking, Sarmation, Khan or Phoenician on Mom’s side or Dad’s either one will do

For trees and DNA, Americans, Black and White and others, would like to find a Native American Princess – (unfortunately most emails say my granny was a full blooded Indian or half Cherokee or Choctaw). Native Americans apparently have been reluctant to test for many reasons from concern over tribal membership to the more personal, importance of identity. I wonder if some Blacks hope they don’t find too much White but of course hope to find a homeland anywhere but here unless they can reach back far enough for the Native American heritage also. I hope and pray each person finds what they hope for and what they find will make them happier than anything they might have guessed on their own. And I hope to support anyone’s hopes for learning about their ancestry admixture.

And what is hoped for by all is a GOOD thing and I am here to support any who wish to find their admixture and understand it – but with cautions. Please ask questions about what any test will tell you before ordering – so often people are so disappointed because they wound up with the wrong test and this breaks my heart.

See the 3 important hints and helps articles for admixture… – on the right – in contents, or if you are on a phone the contents are often at the end of your page.


A Japanese man wants to find Korean ancestors, and a devout Spanish Catholic hopes there is no Moor, or at least they used to.

A mid 19th century marriage record from Spain (I will ask the family if I might share it) which was not uncommon, apparently, showed an extensive ancestry, documented and far reaching to prove the person did not have any Muslim ancestry. There must be have been a half a dozen pages, at least, of what I read, about 10 years ago, wonderful record for today, noting ancestor after ancestor. But I might imagine this was nerve wracking at the time for the hopeful spouse to wonder if they would meet the pedigree to marrying into this somewhat posh family of Spanish and Austrian heritage.

In my blog about my mother, Our Colors, I speak of bigotry in the American South from the 1950s and 1960s I explain how my paternal, White Anglo Saxon Protestant family, and my northern swarthy Catholic mother, were at odds all my life. The true fundamentalist could not hold with anyone adhering to the Catholic faith.

About 50 years ago a blessing for marriage was bestowed from the grandfather of the family but apparently with the added comment, ‘so you are marrying a papist’. The genealogy records for his family were abundant and many bright orange – Pop, came by it honest.

The cute commercial of the man waiting for his DNA results and finally and happily he discovers 0.??% of Viking and he is thrilled. Maybe it is 0.012% or something like that.- but its ENOUGH!


Some folks test their DNA only for the admixture result of a test. They want the pie chart and nothing else matters. I’m a haplogroup person myself.

It is not that I don’t like the admixture reading of my tests, I like them all. I wrote about this before in… see contents

Another question came up about reading the admixture and how far back that part of the test goes – and for that answer – take your pick of all the companies’ statements. The admixture result comes with the autosomal test but the admixture is almost just an after thought. The important part of the au-DNA test for genealogy is the matching, the part most important to me. The autosomal matching dilutes and fades with every generation.

I wrote before, in some ways I am sorry the admixture ever became part of the DNA testing – the readings of people vary from company to company in what region and group is named, as what and why.

So much stock is placed in what each person hopes their admixture will be and it is almost true – if you don’t like one try another, until you find an ethnic admixture you like.

AncestryDNA, 23andme, FamilytreeDNA, MyHeritage, Insitome, LivingDNA

With folks who are rank bigots and express racial differences as problems and not see differences as glorious wonders to relish and appreciate, I always wonder about and wish to see that person’s DNA. Not that I have ever seen any indication meanness can be read and gauged in cMs.  Maybe this is something the powers that be are reading in the medical SNPs of our DNA. Is there a fear factor gene? Apparently there is the ‘warrior gene’ that men can test, what is that about? I don’t want to know if some of the men I know have that or not – I don’t think I could look at them the same again. I (think) I would be fine if they do not have it, but what if they do?

All kinds of myths and biases surface in talking about grouping people.

In the groups for haplogroups one reads a tone – they all have their own pitch.

A person challenged me recently and in part of that challenge implied ethnicities by haplogroups and I balked right back saying, ‘no you could not’. Yes, generally but this statement smacks of racism to me and I read haplogroups and ancient ancestors as race-less.

Are European testers all hoping for one of the Royal Houses for ancestors? In one of the ‘group groups with a large portion of Central Asians (there’s that ethnicity that does not exist), I don’t see much bickering between Europeans and Asians, but I have seen an Asian bite another Asian’s head off.

Gosh and is that the politically correct way to say this? Asian? I know who to ask.

It is true all the databases are lacking in a wide variety of different national and regional groups, and so large varieties of ethnicities, but more people from around the world have been testing and the understanding of ancestries is expanding all the time. A decade ago there were few people who have tested and now the industry has exploded.

I am not prepared to ethnically label any haplogroup – maybe I see this from the ‘new world melting pot’ view –

My mother’s father’s Scottish R1a is just as much an R1a as the R1a man from Sweden and same for the R1a man from Iran. The R1b of my sons? Wow – they are anybody from anywhere you want. My husband’s Welsh G2a is just as much a G2a as all the G2as from Turkey or the G2as Russian Steppes. (This is a bit over simplified – but I promised 101 here, 202 is later.)

I am not ready to slot haplogroups into ethnic molds – but maybe I am scattered brains and words.


Copy of kidd cowb77oy native girl front

Antique enhancement from MS PictureIt of Reginald Sherman Kidd’s circa 1901 in Paris caricature of Native American Girl and Cowboy, watercolor. I hope she drilled him with the knife before he could drill her. I am not sure I like all of Sherman’s work – but him being an American in Paris 1901 he had to eat I suppose. (Purchased from Paris antique store in 2017)


1 Copy of Copy of kidd cowboy native girl front ms scan

R Sherman Kidd, watercolor, circa 1901 Paris. See the story about great uncle Sherman and his brother Ernest and my great grandfather Harry – Newspapers are the Facebook of their day.

Purchased from the antiques and art site of through their dealer C. Parisot of Jean-Moulin
75014 Paris, in March 2017.The four Kidd watercolors were 1000Euros and they had been assembled with a fifth Mirhan watercolor 250Euro. (They have been donated and are now disposed)

My information request email was

Sujet : Proantic – Demande d’information sur: Cosy Corner Art Nouveau Wall Decor From Geante 1900 Noodle Restaurant id:235995
Date : Sat, 18 Mar 2017 18:24:58 +0000
De : proantic <>


This link is to a great talk by Spencer Wells (R1b) and Razib Khan (R1a) about the lost civilizations that we all need to learn more about as we all might have ancient ancestors from them.



BUT In-between the Insitome test has a wonderful test of reading of admixture. Hands down for a world wide perspective for multiple peoples with really great info about many groups. The Insitome company with a unique group of DNA tests and more will be added.


(But again I remind the caution – please make sure you order what you want or need, too often people order the wrong test to ask and research – I am long overdue for a company by company blow by blow blog) But this link has a hurried set of notes with too many typos about some admixtures


Who are we? One day, I should live long enough, there will be an admixture test that will tell us all… – This is a good list of my requests for them to start with.


Whether skin color or creed or other mean anything in life or not has been touching my life from the start. See on the right on PCs and below on a phone, my story with my mother – Our Colors.

Join us in the French Broad River DNA Project


If you already have your results with another company then use the ‘autosomal transfer’ and join from the project list.

If you know your y-DNA haplogroup then here are a few famous folks and their DNA










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