Colin Powell’s Eyes ~ Cousin Barack Obama, descendants of David Lewis of Hanover and Albermarle

A democracy requires two parties. That is the whole idea. Voting for one or the other. Not hating it. The “other side” is not demonized but embraced like a spouse.

Cherie Lynn's Herstory

Actually the tears coming out of Colin Powell’s eyes election night 2008. I had them too, tears of joy, and for me it was not only, but wonderfully also, that this country had elected a Black President but also this Black Man (and all his family) they all are wonderful – all the former first family and all the in-laws – all of them.

But the tears streaming down Colin Powell’s face made me cry more that election night and there was an elation of something wonderful was happening – the country had grown and moreover there were more people out there than I thought, who thought like me, seriously liberal for all intents and purposes.

There had been the talk that Colin Powell should run (I certainly would have campaigned and voted for him) long before we heard of the Senator from Illinois, but there were a variety of…

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