Newspapers ~ The Facebook Of Their Day. Harry, Ernest, and Sherman in the news.


Copy of Copy of Copy 1 of kidd in the furniture

By any other name a G-d is still a G-d or Kidd. ~ Satyr ~ by R. Sherman Kidd. More than 25 years after Sherman painted this watercolor, he filed in Palm Beach County Court to change his surname from Kidd – he stated it interfered with his work as an artist and was the butt of jokes. (See file in credits)  painting was bought from Paris in 2017 and its date is before 1905, Sherman was in Paris twice that is known.

The newspapers have copyright – so we cannot show them. There would be a million new subscriptions if the genealogy world really knew how wonderful the information is you can find on some American ancestors in the papers. I do not know for certain about other countriesbut I can say at least the wedding announcements in some of the Toronto, Canada papers just kept on giving with name after name after name for some families.

Transcriptions coming… they were lost and must be rewritten.

Story after story …mostly Sherman (for this story). But, we were looking for Harry, Harry Hutton Kidd, our 1st great grandfather, who disappeared and the rest of the family and were not disappointed. For Harry Hutton Kidd the family stories said he disappeared, and later, my cousins and I looking for him in records, saw that this family lore was true. Harry disappeared without a trace.

Copy of 1 copy-of-sherman-and-harry-in-1902

Poor Harry, I have to believe poor Harry, even the story about him is about his brothers. His disappearance remains a mystery after 15 years of serious research. I am sure when we find the answer it will be very simple – like she buried him in the basement or made him fish food in the Fox River while they visited their summer house on the west side named – Forest Inn.

In the process of looking for Harry, we researched every relative he had, and discovered the most amazing  journey of people. The second son of John Edward Kidd, 1845 – 1915, and his wife Mary Julia Caroline Carrie Lee Kidd, 1852 – 1920, was Ernest Evan Seton Kidd. When Ernest was a young man he was off to find his fortune in a precious metal mine in Colorado and had one arm blown off and lost most of his sight.

Copy of 2 kidd-ernest-1917

Over the years, Ernest was further affected and later was a newspaper seller in Denver. There is another story of him judging people of who will cheat him on the dollar bills.

Then there was Sherman, the baby of the family, whose studies as an artist from Chicago to Milwaukee, to New York and to Paris then to Boston and then to the brand new planet of south Florida and Lake Worth, Palm Beach County when the rich and famous flocked down the Dixie Highway to paradise. Later in life Sherman needed a doctor but he got a real estate agent and he was committed as a destitute, indigent, with no assets while in the prime of his career. This is a bit harsh to speak of real estate agents in such a way, it is impossible to reach back and know exactly what happened.

2 kidd 1924 passport app

The National Archives hold the original passort applications going back into the 19th century – from the 20th century many have photographs. Visitors are not allowed to access the photographs themselves but anyone can write and one of their approved vendors will copy and send hard copy or digital photos of your family

Reginald Sherman Kidd aka Reginald Sherman Winton and his wife Flora Lillie Kidd aka Flora Lillie Winton. The photographs are well worth the time and effort to obtain copies besides the photocopy records of the passport application. The passport application itself from 1924 give the affidavit of Sherman’s witness – his brother Ernest.

Sherman is in every newspaper batch online and many papers of places he lived are not online so i have to know there is more to access. Looking for other ways to access databases and more often than not it was a matter of money of buying a subscription to a database.

Copy of 3 copy-of-kidd-1924-palm-beach-barcelona

Copy of 4 copy-of-copy-of-kidd-1924-palm-beach-barcelona


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The committal papers from Palm Beach County gave me a chill, his wife filled them out and gave incorrect information and from previous records we can see that she knew the correct information. From the next steps of her life we see that she appears to have gotten in with the wrong people to take advice – but in her final years of living in Lake Worth it seems that she had at least one lovely family to live with and who she was fondly remembered as Auntie Fola and that her Scottish accent was quite pronounced.

This story is more about records than people because through this search for Harry, we collected about every genealogical record known to womankind and newspapers bought all these people to life. There must be hundreds of clippings. But continuing to exhaust every last record that could be found, led to finding much more family history, and brought new information.

Copy of gr0250 fla state hosp inscribed wall

This is a cropped small section of a wall that was in the Florida State Hospital where R Sherman Kidd Winton spent his last 15 years. This wall was there when he was there and this photos was taken at the hospital with many others at the time Sherman was there. With so much symbolism on this wall that is seen in many of Sherman’s paintings my over active imagination wants to believe it is not just a coincidence.

gr0250 fla state hosp inscribed wall

A wider picture of the wall. The Florida State Archives held a wealth of information about the hospital and twice during Sherman’s time there, there are photographs. There are three particular pictures (also posted online) that I hope one day to order high resolution digital copies. They are of the men’s dorms and many men are sitting on their cots. I want to search for his face and remember Sherman.

more… on the brothers and the Kidd family

You can also see the research note page for their grandmother Mary Jane Hutton Kidd and their step grandmother Mary Jane Walker Kidd. ~ Two Mary Janes ~

Sherman also now has his own Facebook page and the reach has been amazing. I have been contacted by three additional people who own or know of additional works by Sherman. And my leaving posts on rootsweb more than a decade ago I have met one owner from there who shared his work with me and whose family’s knowledge of mine gave us so much more life for this great uncle whose life was so amazing and exciting, and heartbreaking and tragic.

Newspapers – find the newspaper(s) your ancestor read and whose life and community events could have been in.

Copy of 5 copy-of-1

Apparently my saved clippings can be seen on their site. I do not know if a paid membership is required to see them fully or if with a sign in you might see what I have saved or at least the listing

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All three brothers have a findagrave memorial and they are updated regularly as are the FB blog pages.


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