Francisco de Miranda ~ The Expedition for Liberty in the Americas



Much of the research is in these eight 2″ 3-ring binders and the one 1.5″. There are also other books and multiple clippings and a gedcom and tree.


It was all an accident of research. My cousin was in town and her teenage daughter was involved in the arts in her high school – we needed an exhibition, at the right time, easy to get to and checking online – one was found at an embassy.

It was just a fluke that this lady asked what I did and the next thing I know I am in front of the ambassador and I am saying, ‘sure I can do that’. And I could, and I did, but then they did not want the research…

I spent the better part of a year on the most amazing journey in the lives of Francisco de Miranda – and every one of the men on his failed expedition. There might have been a man, even two that I could have missed but I do not think so. I think I found every man and I found the ancestors for most of the men and many of the men have descendants.

But the feat was to identify every man on the Miranda expedition of 1806 – all the men, on all the ships, and who they were, and where they came from, and moreover – what happened to all of them – and I found them.



The goal was to identify every man on the expedition and then search for ancestors and descendants.


more… will be adding the whole story in pieces – as I can make the time… I am very excited to go to print with this one.













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