Neanderthal Lovers ~ Did they or didn’t they? Of course they did. The tree got much larger.

See our Google Translate option. And below for link to later post about Neanderthal. Also see below for 2019 links to updated information. A BRAND new one from Wired for September 2019! I still insist – they are NOT a separate species. 


Did Homo Sapien Sapiens and Neanderthals  mate?

Of course they did, of course we did. And, from what I can ‘remember’, ‘we’ were never so dirty as often portrayed, and we were very beautiful and handsome. (Insert smiley face) (links below!)


Neanderthal Roots

Times before

After times

I remember times before, I feel after times

Memories before

After memories

No time, all time; no memory, all memories; no voice, all voices of all time

Can’t eat – rather be bird food

Stroke in bed, can’t move – remember.

The memories come

The feelings surface

Getting in touch in mind.


Neanderthal Roots of times before, of after times. I remember times before, I feel after times. Memories before, of after memories, of no time, all time; no memory, all memories; no voice, all voices of all time. The memories come, the feelings surface, getting in touch in mind, getting in touch with Neanderthal roots.

“Everyone was just about ready to go except brother and grandmother and me. Mother father, uncles, aunts, cousins ready to move again, to outrun the new people coming closer and closer, taking more and more land. Brother’s cries of protest against grandmother’s explanation of what was to come echoed down the cave and was lost. I had no voice, I always listened to grandmother like brother did and I also listened to brother.

Grandmother said if it was like times before, a stand would be built and we would take her body and place her high on the honored pedestal. Then we would sit by on the ground, waiting at the bottom to frighten off the scavengers, while we wait for the birds to share out the mortal body.

But times are changed and they are not like times before. Now there is no food and grandmother kept explaining she could not run with them on her old legs, she had to stay behind, and this time, in new times, she would not be bird food she would be the sustenance the clan needed for their run from this home to hope there will be another home to find where the new people had not come.

Brother cried he would never eat a bite and he would die with her where they sat. Grandmother embraced him, as much as his embrace of her was all that held her sitting; she was too frail to go on, and insisted that he had to eat her food, although this time her food would be more than just prepared by her hand, we had to survive.

Grandmother said in after times we were to remember her, her stories of the before times and all the memories she gave us, we were to take those stories to tomorrow, for all tomorrows. Grandmother gave me her cutting stone and told me to begin to cut her hair. She told me to weave her hair into mine, make a chain to wear on your wrist, take my furs that have kept me warm and let them warm you with my memory, but most of all take my body and eat and survive.

I had no voice, I sat close and listened to brother’s cries turn to sobs with grandmother’s last breaths falling still. It was like she made herself go, it was like she said of times before where we take our leave toward the stars and wait for our body’s life to relive again among the flowers and fruits of the fields and orchards and the fish and the animals of the lakes and forests, nourish all of life with all of one’s own life.

Father came running in with the men, and the mother’s of our cave ran in after them from their guarding of the cave entrance, they had a rabbit, still warm and rushed to grandmother with the fresh nourishment but her spirit filled the air with her warm memories before they could grasp her cold hand the last times before and after, forever.

Mother and women made me help them cut her hair and tie in the little pouch they strung around my neck, promising next home we would plat her hair like she wanted. Brother had no voice from his hoarse sobbing but went with men to the hillside above the cave and grandmother’s body was opened and all who were of her blood, wore her blood in a mark on their foreheads. Grandmother was wrapped in fur and carried up the tree as far as uncle could climb and he tucked her in the branches for her to pass into after times. She would be bird food, carried high upon the wind.

Then from high in the tree, uncle spotted them. Another band of new people on the next hillside and coming our way, we all had to go, and go fast.

Grandmother said only the ice had pushed people so hard, so far until the new people had come. The new people took everyplace, every animal, fish and fowl and everyone. There were so many of them and no longer room for us. Grandmother said when she was just a child her own mother had been stolen away by the new people in a raid of her clan’s camp. Her mother never got back, but grandmother knew of other of our women who had escaped the hunting parties of the new people. They took our women to guide, to work and for their own pleasure.”

There is a new video shared on You Tube by the great Svanta Paabo from Max Planck who first sequenced Neanderthal DNA! From 2018!



Be sure to read this latest about my favorites – Neanderthals! – But the pictures are still NOT corrected! These are not the faces I remember and there is nothing wrong with my memory!

In 2019 we look to the experts and one of my favorite experts is Razib Khan – he has had his own blog and website for years and he is with Spencer Wells at our fav Insitome!

A great new view of Neanderthals. I am not the only one who believes we must look at them differently. They are ancestors, we loved them, we were in love with them.

Wonderful 2019 story that notes how we have been wrong about the looks of Neanderthals! I told you so!

An article describing the home of Neanderthals

The test results for Neanderthal percentages that I liked the best was Insitome’s with testing by Helix. I have not yet bought any of the other products or apps but Insitome gives what we all really want a bit of a story with our results.

Insitome tells us the story about this or that particular piece of information. So although they gave me a percentage like Genographic had – Insitome added to the story and we hope they might give updates on our pages and offer a way to print at home some of our results.

insitome 1 neanderthal cherie p1




A last generation of admixture for Mamma and me from ftDNA and my admixture plus Hominid  from Geno 2.0

Great article about Neanderthal ancestors –


Here is Part 1 – I do not know this man’s work but he really likes Neanderthals – It might all be backwash…


Here is part 2 –


The DNA of memory unlocked.

I have a few pages of the story somewhere from a couple of decades ago of Neanderthal lives in my ancestors, and finally I was proven right – Of course my being proved correct is irrelevant in the world – I am so thrilled it is true – and it was not just Neanderthals…


Much has happened in the last 8 years…


Love my Neanderthal, he has a wee bit more than me, I am jealous. From the photo booth in Washington, D.C. at the National Geographic Museum – has to be one of my favorites.

This is a wonderful article beginning to give Neanderthals credit for their lovely art

They drank the water and partook of natures cures!


Insitome doesn’t just have Neanderthal results for you that also have what I call admixture – they accurately describe – your Regional Ancestry

And hands down I loved the admixture test from Insitome, also lots of information.

insitome 3 regional ancestry cherie p1

Right? Wrong? Does anyone care? It is the SNPs they can read from their reference population. And they all have something to offer. Just a couple of glimpses of my results from them. I loved them.

and “we” (we – all humans alive today, meaning modern) would have been in Europe, and going back and forth and out and back for 100s of 1,000s of years. Every continent might have been opened countless times that we cannot yet understand.

…of people who lived 120,000 years ago in Europe:

“I think it changes our perception to a certain extent,” concludes Prüfer, “to understand that there really was a parent who could have looked like us and who … lived in the same regions that we currently inhabit.”


Great info from Wired

Humans and Neanderthals Kept Breeding—and Breeding—for Ages

Modern humans and Neanderthals commingled at many points in history, raising the possibility that the ancient hominins were just another version of us.

“…The researchers also proposed there were three waves of human migration into Eurasia. The first was two million years ago when the super-archaics migrated into Eurasia and expanded into a large population. Then 700,000 years ago, Neanderthal-Denisovan ancestors migrated into Eurasia and quickly interbred with the descendants of the super-archaics. Finally, modern humans expanded to Eurasia 50,000 years ago where we know they interbred with other ancient humans, including with the Neanderthals…”

Earliest interbreeding event between ancient human populations discovered



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